Saturday, December 28, 2013

Performance at Double Door in Chicago, IL

On The Grind Management in Chicago held an event at the Double Door last night 12/27/2013. Que Billah was the headliner including other guest such as:

***Hosted by DJ Steezy***

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Keeping a Structured Focus On Your Music Artist or Band

Many artists get really excited about a new music project or track. Most artists decide to release music before it is reviewed by others or critiqued by people who are in the industry. It is very interesting to see the outcome after the project is released and their not getting the amount of plays they thought they would. The marketing is good its being pushed but there is something about the content that doesn’t relate to the audience. Artists need to keep a creative focus on their music projects.

If you are going to start a project it needs structure and purpose. There is more than putting together a hot beat and dope lyrics. The music must have purpose and drive the fans to wanna play the song over and over again. Many artists get caught up in making one hit wonders or that good summertime song and soon find them back at square one. This is because the projects that they have worked on didn’t have a focus. In order to have purpose you have to have meaning to what you are putting out. Songs like the new Macklemore song “Thrift Shop” has purpose. It gives listeners something to think about. Buying a $50.00 T-Shirt is insane when you can get one for $10 at the Thrift Store.

According to there are 5 steps that artists should take in making their music. Believe, energy, courage, will power and serenity. The article states that artist should make a habit of keeping your mind full of reassurance, courage, happiness, success, achievement, enthusiasm, and retribution. This is important because it keeps the artist focused on the project in its entirety. According to the article the artist’s purpose is similar to a road map. You can see the entire route in one page except to experience the places on the map you have to believe you can get there.

Stay focused!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Macklemore: The Importance of Remaining Independent in the Music Industry

Most recording artists and bands want to get signed to a major record label and make it big in the industry. Most artists believe that getting signed to a major or independent record label is the “only” way to make it in the industry. What most recording artists and bands don’t realize is that being an independent artist can be just as beneficial as getting signed to a major or independent label. In some cases it can be better than getting signed to one of the big majors.

Most recently there has been an independent recording artist who has said that not being on a record label helped him succeed. Recording artist Macklemore explains that his success is a testament to how independent recording artist can make it big in the industry. He has currently sold over 4 million copies of his song “Thrift Shop” with views on YouTube reaching over 200 million. In an interview with Chris Hardwick on the Nerdist podcast Macklemore explains his logic of remaining independent. He states that the success of the song “Thrift Shop” is an example of how the music industry is changing.  He stated that it gives off the notion of a do-it-yourself attitude behind the music.

Macklemore also explains that there is no need for a record deal at this point in the game for him and Ryan Lewis. He stated that with the power of the Internet and the real personal relationship that you can have via social media, there is no need to get a label involved. He states that people complain about how MTV doesn’t play videos no more and how YouTube is totally the new way to view new music videos. He states that record labels go and spend millions of dollars on branding an artist and they have no idea what they are doing. The thing that sets Macklemore apart from the rest is his ability to figure out his target market and identify who is going to be receptive to their kind of music.

It is important to remain true to your craft and figure out what your target market is. Don’t waste energy on trying to get the labels to pay attention. Target your fans and have them pay attention to you!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Can You Do To Improve Your Brand’s SEO?

This month we have focused on the importance of Search Engine Optimization. We learned that with SEO being discovered online is improved and we gain a lot more customers, subscribers, etc. So the question is how can you improve upon your SEO results. One of the answers is starring you in the face at this very moment. Blogging can improve upon your SEO results. According to blogging provides fresh relevant content. Blogs also attract external and internal links, which gives bloggers the advantage of providing quality content and being credited by other sources.

What does this mean for the recording artist and band? This is a great opportunity to get content out in to the world. Blogging provides musicians the opportunity to expand their audiences by providing their content whether it is though media mediums such as YouTube videos or musical content uploaded to  One of the most popular blogs in the city of Chicago that follows recording artist and bands is FakeShore Drive. This blog site provides the most up to date information about what is going on in the music scene in the Chicagoland area.

So we mentioned blogging as a way to improve your brands SEO another way is providing good keywords related to your brands website or blog site.  Keywords provide search engines a way to measure how people search for your particular brand. Websites that can help with generating good keywords for your brand include Google AdWords. Having the right keywords pertaining to your company’s website or blog is the determining factor in how you rank amongst search engine results. Also having strong keyword density provides you with the ultimate search power for your company or brand. As a recording artist or band it is important to have strong SEO to be discovered amongst the vast majority of content on the Internet. Distinguishing yourself amongst the other musicians is most important in this industry, especially online. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

How Can Search Engine Optimization Help the Independent Recording Artist or Band?

Many independent recording artist and bands believe that major labels provide the best marketing concepts and funds. They believe that big budgets are the way to go in terms of getting the recording artist or band on the map. Believe it or not record labels aren’t the only way to get a good following. The Internet has proven time and time again that you are bound to get discovered through websites such as YouTube and Facebook. Social networking sites are one of the major movers of independent recording artist and bands. What it comes down to is how you use your words to describe what you do.

Search Engine Optimization is simply the development of web pages so that your target audience can easily discover them. The way that you word your content and stay current with your web presence is vital for your independent marketing survival. According to SEO, the development of Search Engine Optimization can make the content of your web pages more relevant, more attractive, and more easily read by search engines and their crawling and indexing software. This is what sets apart the discovered and the non-discovered in the music industry. As an independent recording artist or band it is important to pay attention to developing social networks and most importantly personal websites and blogs.

According to an article from The DIY, search engines are looking at other factors as well, such as domain age, time spent on your site and if you’ve been delivering consistent quality content. This is why updating websites, adding new content, and being creative in the way that people search for your content is crucial to the survival of your viral campaign. Having good keyword placement and relevance to your content is very important in gaining a consistent following on your website or blog.

 Below is a video by Josh BachynskGoogle Search Engine Optimization